Online Learning Enrollment and Survey Form for SY: 2020-2021

NOTE: Please read the instructions carefully before taking the Online Learning Enrollment and Survey Form (LESF).


  • Applicant is required to sign in to google using a gmail account. A deped email account is advised to use for old students
  • All fields with (*) must be fill in and never leave it blank. In case the question is not applicable, just type N/A.
  • Applicant is required to upload the following file:
    • an image file of his/her recent 2×2 picture
    • a PDF file of PSA (Birth Certificate)
    • a PDF file of Good Moral Certificate
    • a PDF file of Form 138 (Latest Report Card)
  • Be sure to review your answer before clicking the “SUBMIT” button
  • An email will be sent to you showing successful completion of the online registration.
  • Proceed to the guidance office and submit the original documents you uploaded in the online registration once the ECQ is lifted and upon the advised of the IATF.
  • Confirm your slot for temporary admission by visiting the page for the list of successful online application. If your name appears in the list then your online enrollment application is successful.
  • Check your section via official school website before August 24, 2020 to know your section, assigned adviser and the type of learning delivery mode.
  • Your enrollment would be official upon submission of all the requirements.Submission is until December, 2020.

Enrollment Form for SY 2020 – 2021

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 NameExamInterviewFinal Grade
1Abad, Alexandra Louise E.70.71100.0079.50
2Abedejos, Shan Ericka P.67.8682.9072.37
3Acub, Samantha Nicole63.5780.0068.50
4Amador, Carl Andrew M.67.14100.0077.00
5Anyayahan, Aliza Joy F.64.2994.3073.29
6Aranez, Kamilah Sophia R.63.9392.9072.62
7Bantuas, Joannah Qismah B.69.2998.6078.08
8Barotilla, J-Mark C.67.1491.4074.42
9Basuel, Kerby Anne Z.64.2991.4072.42
10Bayani, Chellane B.64.2982.5069.75
11Bercadez, Andrei C.66.4395.0075.00
12Bercasio, Julie Ann D.73.9390.0078.75
13Cabardo, Princess Noela M.64.6481.4069.67
14Cacao, Rialin Raine B.67.1487.1073.13
15Calaramo, Carl Joseph F.71.4395.7078.71
16Calingasan, Prince Cedric Gideon P.68.2188.6074.33
17Campos, Eliz Lovenel Marie L.66.0798.6075.83
18Castañeto, Jenric C.69.6485.7074.46
19Castre, Reanne Joyce65.0088.6072.08
20Catarining, Aubrey G.62.5090.0070.75
21Celis, Jehmaima C.66.79100.0076.75
22Centeno, Aaron Josef C.65.0097.1074.63
23Claud, Sunchai C.65.3684.2071.01
24Dacanay, Vincent Joaquin C.65.71100.0076.00
25Dagohoy, Maria Sophia Jerzel61.7991.4070.67
26Dejesus, Karina Y.63.5792.8072.34
27Dela Cruz, Eliza F.63.2188.6070.83
28Desabille, John Nico A.67.1482.9071.87
29Diaz, Shane Elijah P.67.8682.8072.34
30Diestro, Bea Ysabel D.68.93100.0078.25
31Encinares, Ma. Elizah Mae M.68.2187.1073.88
32Escauriaga, Princess Merry B.64.2991.4072.42
33Esmer, Adrian D.71.0791.4077.17
34Evangelista, Abygail M.68.5792.8075.84
35Faustino, Elaine Marie P. 64.2994.3073.29
36Fortunato, Avrielle S.61.7997.1072.38
37Gascon, Gabrielle N.62.5097.1072.88
38Geronimo, Jessy Kathrine P.61.7997.1072.38
39Gontinas, Judiel, S.64.2991.4072.42
40Guevara, Reign Jobick B.63.9397.1073.88
41Guiritan, Jhon Iverson M.67.1488.6073.58
42Ibañez, Christa Gail70.00100.0079.00
43Ingco, Joziel S.60.7195.7071.21
44Iniatia, Yzabel Adrienne M. 66.4385.7072.21
45Jurilla, Gian Luis B.67.5087.1073.38
46Labor, David Walter M.63.57100.0074.50
47Lago, Billy Joel T.61.0798.6072.33
48Laida, Hazel F.67.1495.0075.50
49Macazo , Marc Angelo B.74.29100.0082.00
50Mandigma , Nicka Sophia M.67.50100.0077.25
51Martija, Ma.Bernadette G.65.00100.0075.50
52Occiano, Joel Raybert, M.71.43100.0080.00
53Paran, Dennise Angela 64.64100.0075.25
54Perlada, John Patrick A. 62.8694.3072.29
55Relos, Juan Alfonso R.67.8680.0071.50
56Relucio, Mico B.67.8687.1073.63
57Reyes, Ma. Bernarline C.65.7197.1075.13
58Reyes, Neil M.62.8690.0071.00
59Ricahuerta, Clark Joaquin H.63.2195.7072.96
60Ricohermoso, Kathleen Khaye L.65.0092.9073.37
61Rinon, Jett Joseph63.5791.4071.92
62Rivera, Tyra E.65.3692.8073.59
63Robin, Raven Rease 65.7188.6072.58
64Roselada, Eunice62.8691.4071.42
65Sabando, Cedpeniel 60.7198.6072.08
66Sampang, Freda Ashley S.64.6495.0073.75
67Santos, Margarette B. 64.6490.0072.25
68Santos, Trishia Mae B.67.8694.0075.70
69Sevilla, Kenjie Jose B.70.0094.2077.26
70Sope, Sophia P.67.8694.3075.79
71Sucion,  Marelle Therese S.70.0098.6078.58
72Tabang, Princess Corlyn T. 60.7194.3070.79
73Tablizo , Christhan James C.72.1494.2078.76
74Toyosaki, Ken Fumio, L.71.4397.1079.13
75Trono, Sophia Margarette S. 68.2198.6077.33
76Tulay, Paul johsua65.0094.2073.76
77Ursolino, Richelle Joyce R. 64.6495.7073.96
78Viduya, Job Jedidiah B.61.7985.7068.96
79Villagonzalo, Josh Enzo M.67.8694.3075.79
80Yu, Anastacia Reiyanne 66.7987.1072.88

Waiting List

1Ferrer, Hailey Kate B.65.0075.7068.21
2Natural, AlexaGynne,C.64.6477.1068.38

Enrollment for STEP Qualifiers will be held on June 8, 2019 at Room 202 & 301 of Moonwalk NHS-San Agustin Extension. Please bring the following documents with you and submit to Ms. Cristy Adriano or Mr. Noriel Pujante.

  1. Enrollment Form
  2. Original Birth Certificate (PSA Copy)
  3. SF 9 / Form-138
  4. Good Moral Certificate
  5. Barangay Certificate of Residence
  6. 3pcs. 2×2 ID Picture (Colored)
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Abad, Alexandra Louise E.1114201358
Abedejos, Shan Ericka P.810171550
Acub, Samantha Nicole6971638
Amador, Carl Andrew M.111561648
Anyayahan, Aliza Joy F.79121240
Aranez, Kamilah Sophia R.87101439
Bantuas, Joannah Qismah B.916141554
Barotilla, J-Mark C.111571548
Basuel, Kerby Anne Z.69101540
Bayani, Chellane B.47121740
Bercadez, Andrei C.151012946
Bercasio, Julie Ann D.1515152267
Cabardo, Princess Noela M.97111441
Cacao, Rialin Raine B.510151848
Calaramo, Carl Joseph F.1215181560
Calingasan, Prince Cedric Gideon P.1213131351
Campos, Eliz Lovenel Marie L.1211101245
Castañeto, Jenric C.1213102055
Castre, Reanne Joyce81015942
Catarining, Aubrey G.8571535
Celis, Jehmaima C.910151347
Centeno, Aaron Josef C.910121142
Claud, Sunchai C.810131243
Dacanay, Vincent Joaquin C.79121644
Dagohoy, Maria Sophia Jerzel6541833
Dejesus, Karina Y.104111338
Dela Cruz, Eliza F.9751637
Desabille, John Nico A.711121848
Diaz, Shane Elijah P.1014111550
Diestro, Bea Ysabel D.712161853
Encinares, Ma. Elizah Mae M.131271951
Escauriaga, Princess Merry B.13671440
Esmer, Adrian D.1219101859
Evangelista, Abygail M.911181452
Faustino, Elaine Marie P. 65121740
Ferrer, Hailey Kate B.99111342
Fortunato, Avrielle S.8610933
Gascon, Gabrielle N.12581035
Gentile, Blessy Mae C.69101338
Geronimo, Jessy Kathrine P.8961033
Gontinas, Judiel, S.6881840
Guevara, Reign Jobick B.51451539
Guiritan, Jhon Iverson M.111391548
Ibañez, Christa Gail1112161756
Ingco, Joziel S.4961130
Iniatia, Yzabel Adrienne M. 712141346
Ison, Johnrhyss A.1111131651
Jurilla, Gian Luis B.812121749
Labor, David Walter M.81211738
Lago, Billy Joel T.6561431
Laida, Hazel F.1011111648
Macazo , Marc Angelo B.1118142568
Mandigma , Nicka Sophia M.97141949
Martija, Ma.Bernadette G.108101442
Matias, Dwane Rei G.711102351
Natural, AlexaGynne,C.6981841
Occiano, Joel Raybert, M.211182060
Paran, Dennise Angela 87101641
Perlada, John Patrick A. 5871636
Pradas, Bianca S.11891846
Reduta, Trixie R.811131345
Relos, Juan Alfonso R.814111750
Relucio, Mico B.1013121550
Reyes, Ma. Bernarline C.61391644
Reyes, Neil M.10491336
Ricahuerta, Clark Joaquin H.9741737
Ricohermoso, Kathleen Khaye L.101191242
Rinon, Jett Joseph9128938
Rivera, Tyra E.89121443
Robin, Raven Rease 106111744
Roselada, Eunice1189836
Sabando, Cedpeniel 6841230
Sampang, Freda Ashley S.101181241
Santos, Margarette B. 511111441
Santos, Trishia Mae B.912111850
Sevilla, Kenjie Jose B.1113112156
Sope, Sophia P.910161550
Sucion,  Marelle Therese S.911221456
Tabang, Princess Corlyn T. 8811330
Tablizo , Christhan James C.1419111862
Toyosaki, Ken Fumio, L.821141760
Trono, Sophia Margarette S. 617131551
Tulay, Paul johsua71091642
Ursolino, Richelle Joyce R. 10681741
Viduya, Job Jedidiah B.51151233
Villagonzalo, Josh Enzo M.912151450
Yu, Anastacia Reiyanne 712111747

Interview of applicants with their parents is scheduled on May 30, 2019 at 9am-12nn at the Multipurpose Hall.


Screening for Incoming Grade 7 Special Science Class

Moonwalk National High School – Science Technology and Engineering Program (STEP) announces the Schedule of Screening for Incoming Grade 7 Special Science Class Students on the following dates.


Stage 1: Filing and Submission of Application Form – May 15-17, 2019

A. Application Form shall be secured at the Principal’s Office

B. Application Form should be supported with the following documents before filing at the Principal’s Office.

  • Original School Form 9 / Form 138
  • Original Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Original Birth Certificate (PSA)
  • Barangay Certificate of Residence
  • 3 pcs. of 2×2 colored 10 pictures

Stage 2: Administration of Qualifying Examination – May 27, 2019

A. All qualified test-takers are requird to undergo the scheduled 5 hours Qualifying Examination.

B. Failure to take the said examination shall automatically disqualify the applicants to proceed to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Interviewed May 30, 2019

A. Qualifying Examination passers along with their parents/guardians, shall be interviewed by members of STLP Committee on Selection and Admission.


Anyone may apply for STEP Qualifying Examination who meets the following:

  1. Currently enrolled as Grade 7 student at Moonwalk National High School, School year 2019 – 2020
  2. Residence of Paranaque City
  3. Graduate of any public or private elementary school in Paranaque City
  4. Of good moral character
  5. With a final grade of at least 85% in English, Mathematics, Science while each of the other learning are must be at least 83%


  • May 29, 2019 – Release of STEP – QA Results
  • May 30, 2019 – Interview of STEP – QA Passers and their Parents
  • June 3, 2019 – Release of list of STEP Qualifiers
  • June 8, 2019 – STEP Enrollment

SY: 2019-2020 Enrollment

Schedule of Enrollment for SY 2019-2020

Grade LevelDateVenue
Grade 7 May 15-17, 2019 Multipurpose Hall
3rd Floor
Grade 8 May 15, 2019 Multimedia Room
2nd Floor
Grade 9 May 16, 2019 Multimedia Room
2nd Floor
Grade 10 May 17, 2019 Multimedia Room
2nd Floor


1. For New Student/Transferee

  • Properly Filled-up Registration Form
  • Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking (if applicable)
  • School Form 9 (Report Card)
  • Original Birth Certificate (PSA copy)
  • 3 pcs. Passport Size Colored ID Pictures

2. For Old Student

  • Properly Filled-up Registration Form
  • Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking (if applicable)
  • School Form 9 (Report Card)

Please look for the following Enrolling Officers:

  1. Ms. Melanie T. Garcia – Grade 10
  2. Ms. Genelyn Asis – Grade 9
  3. Mr. Dennis Reganit – Grade 8
  4. Mr. Pablito Tura – Grade 7

Supervising Officer: Ms. Karen Tapec

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