The Adopt-a-School Program, in which it is the logical extension of the stated objectives of Republic Act 8525 also known as the Adopt-A-School Act of 1998, was sponsored by Rep. Anne Marie Periquet of House of the Representatives. The senate version was written by the late Senator Marcelo Fernan. This was successfully pushed through by former Education Secretary Edilberto de Jesus after the promulgation of the essential Rules and Regulations from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Republic Act No. 8525, Sec. 3 establishes the Adopt- A-School Program which will allow private entities to assist a public school, whether elementary, secondary or tertiary, preferably located in any of the twenty (20) poorest provinces identified by the Presidential Council for Countryside Development or any other government agency tasked with identifying the poorest provinces in, but not limited to, the following areas: staff and faculty development for training and further education; construction of facilities; upgrading of existing facilities, provision of books, publications and other instructional materials, and modernization of instructional technologies.

In realizing the spirit of the ASP Law, the Department of Education is responsible of generating that would allow participation of private sector and that such projects would be instrumental in addressing the resource needs of the schools, in providing students quality learning environment and instruction, and in making quality learning experience accessible to the widest extent.

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