The Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the importance of good nutrition for the improvement of academic performance of learners. It is considered to be a sound investment in education as it is associated with increased enrolment, improved attendance, better performance, decreased repetition, and decreased dropout. Hence, DepEd implemented a School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) that will cater to a targeted severely wasted learners.

The SBFP aims to provide hot meals to learners following developed standardized recipes. By following the menu, the beneficiaries are assured of additional calories per day to address their nutritional deficiencies. Food preparation may be handled by the homeroom Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) on rotation basis, the feeding teachers, or a combination of the Homeroom PTA and the feeding teachers. The feeding program is also utilized as an avenue for the development of health and nutrition, values and behavior among the children.

In order to intensify health and nutrition among grade school students in public schools, Moonwalk National High School adopts the School Based Feeding Program as implemented by the Department of Education and Department of Health. The project which was launched last July aims at reduction of acute malnutrition among students who has a nutritional status of wasted and severely wasted. There are twenty five recipients of the program. Feeding program in secondary level is only applicable to grade seven students. Record of the weight and height is done to track the progress of each student. The school provides heavy lunch and the meals are cooked and prepared by the school canteen staff with the help the teacher in-charged following the low cost and balanced menus. There are private individuals who are extending their generosity by sponsoring the feeding program.