The Ecosavers Program is a recycling campaign that encourages the youth to collect recyclables in exchange for school supplies. This project was established as a form of a solid waste recovery system, in an attempt to reduce the garbage from households and schools.

The Ecosavers Program is consistent with relevant provisions of Republic Act No. 9003, otherwise known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. Students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel are required to practice waste segregation at all times within the school premises.

To effectively implement this program, the Eco-Savers Club encourages all students to collect recyclable waste materials. The members of the club then weigh the collected materials every Friday. They provide each classroom with a National Eco-Savers Program Student Passbook where collected recyclable waste materials are given points accordingly.

Since the implementation of this program, it has helped to significantly reduce waste materials generated in our school.