Classroom-based Proficiency Program

Integration of review class

To increase the result of the National Achievement Test, Moonwalk National High School has come up with a program that conducts review classes to the Grade 10 students. The Review Program will be integrated to the regular class of the Grade 10 students, leaving their last meeting for a certain area a Review Hour. NAT like take home test is given to the students and will be answered during the review hour assigned to them. This program aims to increase their awareness of the NAT like test that will be given to them and also for them to be able to have the mastery of the learning competencies in all the main subject area.

Advanced Learning

Moonwalk National High School aims to strengthen the critical and analytical thinking of the students through the use of different advanced learning, thus, the Mathematics Department offered MTAP classes every Saturday of the month of July and August. The said program aims to reinforce the critical and analytical skills that they master in their regular class. It offers a wide variety of techniques to fortify the learning skills of the students and for them to be able to appreciate their mathematics class.