The Enriched/Enhanced Curriculum Program

Considering that curriculum is not just the name of specific written material in a textbook on inside or outside school activities, MwNHS crafted an enhancement and enrichment program as an add-on or replacement to subject in Career Pathways in Technology and Livelihood Education (CPTLE). These replacement courses are (at an option of the students) journalism, computer and foreign language.

The Journalism class is developed to enrich the experiences, to hone the journalistic skills and competencies of student-writers and to strengthen free and responsible journalism.

Based on the performance of the school in the Annual, Regional and National School Paper Conference (NSPC), this school perceives it fit and proper to strengthen the program by way of implementing a four-year course in journalism at the secondary level. Further, the program has been designed to develop the students’ competencies in both print and broadcast media including the application/use of ICT.

This program supports R.A. 7079, or the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, which mandates the Department of Education “to conduct and implement programs in various aspects of journalism.”

The program is a two-year course journalism course in the third and fourth year level. It is designed to develop the learners’ skills in mass communication, print, online and broadcast media. Its main focus is primarily on writing as a process and as an art.