One of the alternative programs adopted and implemented by our school is the Alternative Learning System (ALS): Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E). This system is parallel to the learning system in our country that provide a practical option to the existing formal education. This is one way of showing our support and commitment to the program called Education for All (EFA) which aims to reduce illiteracy and provide out-of-school children, youth, and adults with basic education.

ALS students are also required to the take the test known as the ALS A&E Test formerly the Nonformal Education A&E Test offers the successful test takers certification of learning achievements at two learning levels – Elementary and Secondary – that is comparable to the formal school system. The ALS A&E Tests in both levels are standardized paper and pencil-based tests and use multiple choice test and composition writing. The test items are based on the learning competencies of the five learning strands of the ALS Curriculum.

A test passer of either the Elementary or Secondary Level gets a certificate which bears the signature of the Secretary of the Department of Education. This allows a passer to mainstream in the educational system of the country.


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Graduation Ceremony 2016 with 24 ALS passers and their Instructional Manager