All students have to wear the correct MwNHS school uniform. The cut and style for all types of uniforms should follow the standards set by the school:

GIRLS:   White blouse with pipping and school logo and navy blue jumper with black school shoes and white socks. Plain White undershirt  is required.

BOYS:   Navy blue pants and white polo with black shoes and white socks . The polo has a side pocket containing the school logo and plain White undershirt  is also required.

Students should wear their P.E. uniform only during their P.E. classes.  Although this is not compulsory but students are encouraged to wear it for hygienic purposes.



Students should come to school well-groomed.  The following are strictly prescrbed by the school to maintain their youthful and fresh-look:

BOYS:             A 2” by 3” hair cut without hair dye and simple wristwatch only. Multiple bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings (on any part of the face) and body tattoos are strictly not allowed.

GIRLS:           “doughnut style”  hair dressed (for long hair) and well combed hair (for short hair) and simple wristwatch and simple earrings. No hair dye, lipstick and make up and neatly trimmed and unpolished fingernails. Multiple earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and body tattoos are not allowed.



  1. The school ID is worn upon entering the school and has to be displayed at all times while in the school premises.
  2. Students without an ID will not be allowed to enter the school campus and therefore should be sent home.
  3. The school ID should be kept free from trimmings, markings or drawings. If a student has been found with such markings, the ID shall be confiscated and be given to the year level guidance counselor for disicplinary proceedings.
  4. The ID is non-transferrable. Swapping or lending with other students is strictly prohibited.  A parent conference is done if a student is found guilty of this activity.  A one community service is imposed if done twice or more.
  5. In case of lost ID, a student has to report to his/her adviser for possible replacement or issuance of temporary ID upon presentation of an affidavit of loss to the guidance office. Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to enter the school and or attend his/her classes.