Instruction to Parents/Guardians and Enrollees

1. For incoming Grades 8-10, & 12 learners

Parents of incoming Grades 8-10 & 12 learners will contact their previous advisers for remote enrollment procedures. However, parents/guardians may also reach out the designated enrolling officer for enrollment through the hotlines and contact numbers published in the school.

2. For incoming Grades 7 & 11

Parents of incoming Grades 7 & 11 learners shall communicate/re-affirm their intent to enroll their children to designated enrolling officer via online or onsite.

3. For transferee/Balik-Aral/ALS enrollees

Enrollees may communicate their intent to enroll via online/onsite enrollment and shall directly contact the school through designated enrolling officer. Previous adviser is no longer required to facilitate submission of MLESF of learner.


1. For New Student/Transferee

  • Properly Filled-up Modified Learners enrollment and Survey Form (MLESF) (Online/Onsite)
  • 2×2 picture taken recently in white background
  • Original Birth Certificate (PSA copy)
  • Good Moral Certificate
  • School Form 9 (Report Card)
  • Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking (if the above mentioned documents is not available)

2. For Old Student

  • Properly Filled-up Registration Form
  • School Form 9 (Report Card)
  • Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking (if applicable)


Note: Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the Online Learning Enrollment and Survey Form (LESF) .

  • New students are advised to sign in to their Google Account. For old students, it is recommended to use the DepEd SDO email account.
  • All fields with (*) must be filled in. Do not leave any blank fields. If the question is not applicable, type in N/A. All information must be encoded in CAPITAL letters.
  • New students/Transferee is required to upload the following file:
    • an image file of 2×2 picture taken recently in white background
    • a scanned/image/PDF file of PSA (Birth Certificate)
    • a scanned/image/PDF file of Good Moral Certificate
    • a scanned/image/PDF file of SF-9 (Latest Report Card)
    • a scanned/image/PDF file of a Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking if the required documents is not available. (See downloadable files below)
  • Be sure to review all the information encoded before clicking the “SUBMIT” button
  • A note verifying the successful completion of the online registration will be sent to the email used in filling in the online LESF.
  • Confirm your registration by visiting the page for the list of successful online registrant (see link below). Applicants who have uploaded all required documents will be included in the list of successful registrants. If the applicant’s name is not included in the list, coordinate with the assigned enrolling officer.
  • Submit the original copies of the uploaded documents to the Guidance Office once the ECQ is lifted and upon the advise of the IATF.
  • Check your section via official school website one week before the opening of classes, to know your section and assigned adviser.
  • Your enrollment would be official upon submission of all the requirements. Submission is until December, 2021.

Registration Form

Downloadable Files

Affidavit of Undertakings

Printed MLESF (English)

Printed MLESF (Filipino)


Successful Online Registrants

List of Students per Section

Students Schedules